haven’t been on in forever but helloooooo

My friend Karina sent me this yesterday. I couldn’t get over the twinkie diet… I mean why are those things still in existense? I hate twinkies. Don’t get me wrong, I love sugar and I am a chocolate freak but twinkies are seriously nasty. Thats why I couldn’t believe someone made a diet out of them lol

christmas spirit

I’ve been christmas shopping online all day :-) Lucky for me the things everyone wants are easily available there. I’m not a big fan of the christmas crowds. I like being in good spirits during this time of year, that’s why I like not going into the crowds. People can be so cranky at stores. Back to shopping

Today really was one of those perfect snow days :-) That is all, night world

Drove back up to MD from Sav. I went back down to my house down there so Matt and I could have our romantic alone time :-) It was nice. We planned our christmas gift vacation. We’re getting a house at a resort for a couple days during new years. Should be fun! I’m going to visit my friend Kevin this weekend in CT. I’m off to bed.

yay I uploaded a pic of myself!

yay I uploaded a pic of myself!